If you're in sales, you need one of these.

A Prospectabot takes all the manual work out of outbound cold prospecting by sending personalised emails on your behalf, to exactly the right audience, following up with those prospects consistently, and then forwarding the hot prospects it generates, directly to your inbox. And it does it all ten times more than anyone ever could.

Our expert team will work with you to create your compelling sales nurturing campaign, with full follow up email sequencing.

We load GDPR compliant data on your Prospectabot so you’re reaching out to exactly the right contacts for your business.

Your Prospectabot starts running, processing hundreds of new and existing prospect follow up emails every day.

Your Prospectabot monitors the campaign in real-time, and forwards prospect responses direct to your inbox.

The Future of Sales Automation

Prospectabot is Europe’s leading solution for automated sales outreach with full GDPR compliance.

Do you struggle to connect with cold prospects?

Every sales person does. You’ve got to send out hundreds of cold emails, follow up with them consistently, and in a timely manner, and keep doing it, day in, day out. Prospectabots do all of this for you, and then do it 10 times more, every single day.

Do you want to reach out to at least 1000 new prospects each month?

A Prospectabot stays on top of contacting 1000 new prospects every month while cleverly following up on previous prospects through intelligent autonomous sequencing – all personalised, as if it’s coming straight from you.

Interested and engaged hot prospects, delivered direct to your inbox.

As soon as prospects engage at any stage of the email sequence, your Prospectabot forwards the hot leads straight to your inbox for you to close.


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